Praying Friends of the Bridegroom are believers, who are a part of the Bride, the Church, and who are in Jesus Christ, the Bridegroom. They witness to the love of the Lord Jesus Christ, testifying that He is coming again soon and praying the world will know Him as Savior and Lord.
According to John 3:29-30, Praying Friends of the Bridegroom:

• stand waiting and hears the Lord.
• rejoice hearing the voice of the Lord.
• go and do what the Bridegroom has said.
• receive fullness of joy from being with the Lord.
• decrease so the Lord may increase.

First and foremost, we pray and listen to what, where and when the Lord directs us to go and do. We also ask Him to open doors to be able to witness to the love of the Lord Jesus. As He leads us to other countries to give food, clothing, housing, and even education to “the least of these,” we use these opportunities to testify that He is coming again soon for His bride. We also pray, both here and there, that people in these countries will know Him as Savior and Lord. Upon hearing His voice, we never fail to have great joy!

We also host Bible studies, retreats and prayer walks locally to testify the same message to our nearby neighbors.

Our Mission

Our mission is to

• Teach and encourage people to pray and
• Follow God’s call on their lives
• Support believers worldwide in what they hear God calling them to do
• Network with others to show the world Christ’s love.

Our Vision

Our vision is worldwide worshippers of God

• Praying in and through the Spirit
• For God’s Kingdom to come
• For His will to be done on earth as it is in heaven
• Follow God’s specific direction
• Extend His Kingdom through prayer and obedience

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