Warm greetings from PFOTBG!

Praises and Prayer requests from:


From C.: Please pray for her as she continues to heal from malaria and as her team works on more translations of the Bible for the lesser known languages and the Jesus Film. She will be in and an African country in November, the United States for the holidays, and she hopes to return to Africa in the Spring. She has a wonderful testimony of how God saved her life and is healing her! Give God the glory!


Thank you so much for your faithful support towards our children. On last Saturday I visited to Holy Home and met with children. Now they have 19 children and by the grace of God all of them are well. Praise the Lord! The pending building that you helped with is being built and we are getting the permit and some other people also help them to complete it. Thank you again. God bless! In Him, J.


Pray for C.C. who minsters to girls and women and has asked for PFOTBG to do a conference in a neighboring city....and pray that PFOTBG will be built up to go and visit!


The mission is to train the tribes in the Bible and in Christian living, for them to return to the villages and reach the lost tribes. The need is for: the students to learn Portuguese so they can read the Bible that has not been translated into their tribal languages, for them to learn more about Jesus and living the Christian life, share the gospel with their tribe and unreached tribes, and to learn the importance of prayer and how to pray effectively.

Pastor Mario and Tania –New Canaan Training Center in Pimenta Bueno

Pray for their needs: finances to construct more buildings (day care, married student building, auditorium for meetings, etc). Many are married students with children. Tools for wood working have been sent from the US to Brazil and were shipped by boat. Now the tools need to be cleared through customs and not waylaid.

Onesimo and Marilda –Campo Grande

The Bible Institute near Aquidauana is in disrepair. There are 12 youth and 1 family are living there and teachers are coming into the Bible Institute to teach them the Word. They need: construction teams to repair buildings and build new ones and for those who will teach the Bible to the youth and teach on prayer to those in the area. One team just went to a nearby tribe with this group and did a God-blessed children’s ministry. Onesimo and Marilda work with the Indian tribes in Southern Brazil and Paraguay training pastors and wives in Biblical studies and discipleship. Onesimo also teaches one day a week at the Bible Institute.

Bonnie and Charlie McAllister

Bonnie and Charlie McAllister who grew up in Brazil as missionary kids are now taking teams to these peoples/areas under the auspices of Mid-State Georgia Baptist Association. Team members have been from AL, GA, NC, and TN. The doors have opened wide for many teams to go per year. Pray the Lord of the harvest to bring the workers to reap the harvest. There is much to be accomplished.

Czech Republic

Pray for the K. family and their ministry in Eastern Europe as they support and equip future leaders in Eastern Europe through the local church. JV currently works in 12 countries with over 250 missionary families, most of whom are from the country they serve in, the Czech Republic.


Pastor Jean Baptiste Daniel with the Haiti camp went to Acul du nord, a northern area, on July 28th, with 35 children and 30 youth. Among these that came, 7 accepted Jesus. Continue to pray for those that attended the camp.


Grace Children's Home – pray for some of the children whose relatives had them return to the village to be able to return to the home and school. Usually the children do not want to stay in the village where Hindu is practiced because they have seen Christian love in the home where all of their ‘family’ is now and they get to go to school. Six new children have come to Grace Home and need sponsors. A March 2016 trip to India is being planned.


We did visitations during Christmas for the Refugees and took gifts for the kids and coats and gloves to many of them. We also had a big dinner for about 450 people for the New Year’s Eve. Thanks so much for your contributions and gifts that shows Jesus love to many people and draws them closer to Christ! Blessings, the A. family.

“In 1996 when we began a ministry, we really didn’t know what we had stumbled upon. One Arab pastor recently put it this way... ‘Before those young men began learning crafts from you they were hopeless and depressed. It’s not so much any money they earn, it’s that they have a purpose.’ We see it as a form of occupational therapy for these traumatized refugees. Not only are they learning a skill, they are also learning to study God’s word for themselves and to teach others!’ F. & L.


Pray for Pastor Isaac, school-kids, clinic, and church building project. Lastly, pray for security in this country.

The Middle East

B. family’s ministry as a pastor at the Arabic Baptist Church in Washington D. C.

Jothour ministry in the Holy Land. Pray that the ministry is touched with seekers and believers via emails, phone, and the internet. Pray for the workers in the field.

Pray for the Evangelical School in Hebron, especially for protection in a city, which is 100% Muslim.

Please pray for Pastor B.’s health as well as his wife’s health. They have no health insurance while living here in the USA.

Women’s Conference (Sept. 24th-26th) Tents of Mercy:

  • Special unity and joy for our 3 generations traveling together
  • Wisdom in relating to a number of different groups, especially how to integrate the contributions of each of us
  • Much favor with our hosts and the believers with whom we will connect, that they will hear and respond to God's heart for revival in Israel
  • Abundant energy, good rest and a safe return home to our families, whose well-being while we are away also calls for prayer  

Please, pray for R. and other Holocaust victims in Israel. O. is visiting with her sometimes.

Mission to Bethlehem trip, which will be from the 7th - 27th of October, please pray. J. &. P.

Pray for PFOTBG ministry trip to Middle East


Recently, A.G. and her group just hosted a student and young doctor’s camp. Please continue to pray for those that attended who are non-believers to know God’s love and receive His Son, Jesus.

Please pray for a remaining a medical outreach that they will host in October 2015. A. writes: “Please pray for us, and in particular:  

1. For team leaders, that God will give us wisdom and the mind of Christ, to serve youth with love and dedication

2. For all the participants, that God will open their hearts to receive the Word, planted in them and to bear fruit.

3. For protection from any danger, disease.

4. For medical evangelism in the village, that God will protect and bring people to repentance.”

“Thank you very much your love, care and open heart to serve others. Let the Lord take care of all your needs and bless you a lot!” With love, S.

Please pray for the S. family and El Shadai year round camp for children and adults. They need God's provision and for getting His word to the world. We are so thankful God is so merciful to keep teaching us His Word and His ways that are higher than ours. These servants and those in Moldova and other places us teach us so much about the love and power of our Great God. Praise God for all His servants and pray for these in Moldova and all around the globe. Pray specifically for Svetlana who is still recovering from a stroke and praise God is doing so much better! Also, for the recent adult camp; the topic was “Deliverance from the Fear.” Please, continue they and we stand as children of God and not as slaves of fear.


Miguel wrote: “God is faithful. He made possible this summer the 6th conference for Quechua youth. Gave wisdom and strength to me and the people that helped me to lead this conference so His Quechua youth could learn and grown in their knowledge of Him. We could not have make it without His provision in different ways. This year we were able to have more youth than any other year, we had 45 youth from different parts of Peru.”

In July we spent most of our time in Ayacucho doing follow-up in surrounding villages/communities of Ayacucho and also to make new connections in different villages and leaders to distribute our evangelistic materials. - Pablo, Kusi, Gabriel and Andres


Pastor Daniel from Romania told us that main problem in the area where he and his family live is that the parents are selling the children that they can’t take care of. The parents sell them to people who sell them to others. ...human trafficking...and he wants to help get the kids out of this type of awful circulation and provide a Christian home for them.

Please share with all of your prayer partners that today I went to see several of the children. As a gift I have taken to them Bibles with their pictures on it, on the inside of the cover. I did that before but the little boy got into them and ate part of the bible and teared to pieces the rest. Now he is older and does not eat paper any more.

Now they compete in memorizing John 3.16. Go God.

Yesterday I went to an orphanage and took a trunk full of food. Thank you for your prayers and support and giving me the chance to bring hope in the lives of these children. Love and blessings. - Daniel 8/28


From Pastor A.: The Christmas money was used to help a family that has 4 children and adopted 4 orphans that PFOTBG supported. Their home had a hole in the roof which needed to be fixed. The rain was running into the home and ruined much of the ceiling and the walls. So with help from the churches in the area and PFOTBG donation the leak was fixed along with the ceiling and other damaged sections and insulation was installed. Another good outcome has been that heating bills have decreased for the family.

From Pastor V.: The couple that you prayed for that was estranged, Igor and Inna, are together with their two sons and were baptized in Moldova. Praise Jesus!


“Precious greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Dear sister, I am excited to bring to your attention the commencement of our Primary school, which is this term/semester 2015. We have so far managed to come up with P.1 to P.5. We are also done with the construction of both the girls and boys dormitories, but we have not enough desks in our class rooms and a number of bunk beds are also still missing, we are looking forward to achieving them before the beginning of this semester which is 2nd February. Dear sister we are seriously in need of your prayers for the will of God to be done. Otherwise thanks so much for all the support, love and care rendered to us. We love you so much and you are always in our prayers. I will be sending you pictures in regard to our school very soon. May the Almighty richly bless you.”

Prayer for school (New Life Uganda) to be finished with everything for the school that is needed to educate the children.

We have the following prayer requests in as far as the children and construction is concerned:

1. We need 50 steel bunk beds at $178.00.

2. We need 60 class desks and $120 chairs each desk with $210.00

3. We need uniforms for girls and 100 for boys; average cost per uniform at $115.00

4. We need 67 cartons; each box is $144.00

5. We need dozens of exercise books; each box at $104.00

6. We need plates and goods of a total cost of $500.00

6. We need 200 mattresses at $27.00

7. We need 200 blankets at $ 17.00

“We love you all and may the good Lord bless you.” - Sylvia

Our Mission

Our mission is to

• Teach and encourage people to pray and
• Follow God’s call on their lives
• Support believers worldwide in what they hear God calling them to do
• Network with others to show the world Christ’s love.

Our Vision

Our vision is worldwide worshippers of God

• Praying in and through the Spirit
• For God’s Kingdom to come
• For His will to be done on earth as it is in heaven
• Follow God’s specific direction
• Extend His Kingdom through prayer and obedience

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