DATE: November 1 – 3, 2012

I have always been surprised by God´s answers to my prayers. This is the first conference in the village of Anyana for Quechua women. They themselves said that they had never heard of a conference that was specifically for women and designed for them. The studies before have always been for men and usually take place in the city of Ayacucho where the men from their area can´t afford to attend and since they are in Spanish, they don´t understand very much.

I thank the Lord for the 4 sister in Christ: Margaret, Eva, Elena and Palerma, who went to teach at this conference with the theme "Jars of Clay in the hands of the Potter", "The Lord’s Prayer", "Designed by God", and "Women of the Bible".

I am happy and thankful to God for the testimony of the women that we taught in Anyana. They have recorded in their heads the information about the lives of the women of the Bible and are sharing in their churches. One sister testified that after sharing with their husband what she had learned, he asked her to share with the pastor so that he would allow her to share with everyone what she had learned. He accepted with reservations, but after she shared he continued to invited her to teach. Praise the Lord!

All of the effort that it takes to share God´s Word in this far away place is so worthwhile in spite of the long trip and dangers. What a joy to see the women sharing in their churches. I am amazed to think that this town that is so poor, mostly elderly people and widows, now has men and women who are trained to teach the Word of God. They are so happy with the teaching in their own Quechua language.

I was privileged to translate to Quechua all of the themes that my sisters taught from God´s Word. I learned so much, because on translating, I heard and processed everything from the beginning to the end. I am very thankful to the Lord for this opportunity.

After the conference was finished, everyone returned to their villages and towns. Many had to climb tall mountains and others cross rivers. Some had to come with all of their animals and also had to return with all of their animals.

I am so thankful for all of those who have had a part in this ministry, both now and previously, remembering those who came to help in the building of the "house of prayer" where we now hold Bible training conferences in Anyana.

Thank you so much Margaret, Eva, Elena, and Palerma for teaching God´s Word with so much love. Thank you Sherry and so many others for their prayers. Each of you is a part of this, the Lord´s work.

Your sister in Christ,
Rosa Vallejo de Saccsara

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